Project Description


We all want to get our Unimogs up to 100km/hr without compromising the health of our engines, but how can we achieve it?

Unidan Engineering has been installing Claas Overdrives in Unimogs since we got our very first project truck. Now that these are pretty much obsolete in the market and no longer being manufactured, we have researched high and low on what the best alternative is. And boy, have we found it!

The High-Speed Crown Wheel & Pinion is certainly the way to go and I’m sure you’ll see why in this video. Make sure you watch the full video to see the comparison, explanation and finally, how you can get your hands on this!

Watch the video below for more information

The Benefits:

  • Reduction in engine revs at same cruising speed

  • Reduction in noise levels

  • Reduction in fuel consumption

  • Increased range

  • Improved usability

A higher top speed is also possible where conditions allow for this to be safely achieved.

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