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All Terrain Performance

A staple upgrade with Unimogs, the Michelin and Earthmax tyres are a popular choice for those looking to get more out of their vehicle. Whether it’s asphalt, mud or mixed, the tyres perform in all conditions. Paired with Hutchinson rims, the upgrade enhances your driving experience. Unidan can also provide second hand ex-ADF tyres. Sizes and range is subject to availability. Contact us for sizes and range in stock.

14.00 R20

World Recognised and Renowned
Unidan recommends Earthmax and Michelin tyres which have been trusted and used by many across the world.

Performance You Can Expect
Increase off-road traction and road speed with either the Continental or Michelin.

Popular Sizes
Unidan readily have popular sizes in stock, or can source them with little downtime.

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