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We have put this recovery gear together with Unimogs of all sizes at the forefront of our minds. One of the biggest concerns that we hear from customers and people in the community is “if I get stuck, no one will be able to help me out”. That shouldn’t be the case and we have created this kit with self-sufficiency in mind. Whilst we always recommend getting yourself a winch (especially if you are planning on travelling alone, not in a convoy), this kit further enhances the winches ability and should provide peace-of-mind, especially after watching some of our tips and tricks videos on self-recovery and multi-vehicle recovery.

Made in Australia and tested by NATA accredited lab

Recovery Kit Includes:

3x Pulley Ring 15000kg

6x Button Knot Soft Shackle 24000kg

2x Tow Rope / Extension 20m*12mm

1x Kinetic Rope 32m* 9m

2x Tree Truck Protector 24000kg *4m

2x Damper

2x Carry Bags

Recovery demonstration using products from this recovery kit

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